Version 3.16, 15-03-1999



Following a suggestion by Phil, G4OBK sequences, names and prefixes were adjusted to the largest possible extent to the DXCC country listing as used by the DXCC desk for ease of comparing listings for award applica- tions. The sequence of FO- and VP8-prefixes remains different in TL for historical reasons and because of unacceptable efforts for the users who would have had to change a couple of country numbers throughout their log and many recorded QSOs accordingly.

A new way of resolving ambiguous prefixes was implemented. All ambiguous prefixes are now attached to a lower case letter for country identifi- cation, e.g. FO0a for Austral-Islands. The identifying letter is read from the country's name where it has to be included in [ ]s at the end of the name. Thus any meaningful character can be attached to a prefix without needing to change anything on the program itself. All determining information is now solely contained in COUNTRY.DAT. This makes servicing a straight forward task for the future. This new procedure covers i.e.: FO0t,c,a,m, CE0e,j,s, FRr,g,j,t, PY0,f,s,t, etc.

Following an information from Ken, VR2LC the following prefixes were included for Taiwan: BM, BO, BP, BQ, BU and BX. Ken also reports that the prefix BV9 is no longer unique for Pratas Island but issued to clubstations on BV mainland as well. For this reason Pratas is now specified as B*9P but BV9P kept as main prefix. Thanks for information, Ken.

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