Version 3.18, 15-04-2000



Each of these submenus again has a couple of subitems which you should be familiar with from the long existing list operations. The choices which are offered are self explaining and straight forward. They cover virtually every investigation in locators we can think of ( for the time being ). Your selection of parameters can be saved for future use in a file which you may name. The file extension is automatically generated and will be .LCF .

Please also note, since there are 32.400 squares in total we decided to better suppress printing if you chose the scope "Not worked all time". However, the output will still show your missing totals.

On your choice from EXECUTE you will finally get a list of locators formatted to a table with eight entries per line. Along with the table comes the locator count. The results are presented on the selected output device.

Please note:

Both files will be overwritten on every new "save"-command. Thus only the latest TRC-files are kept under the TURBOLOG directory.


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