Turbolog E-mail reflector

TurboLog Communications is happy to inform you of the new Turbolog E-mail reflector.

You are invited to subscribe to the TurboLog Email Reflector. This facility will allow you to address mails with hints, inquiries and suggestions to the large TurboLog usership that has subscribed to the reflector.

If you want to join in you simply need to send an E-mail to:


with the subject field left blank and the following text in the body of the mail:

subscribe list-turbolog-de

( nothing else!).

Since the entry to the list is under moderator control you have to wait for the moderator's response and welcome message. After you successfully subscribed to the reflector you may simply send your mail to:


It will now automatically be distributed to all TurboLog users who have subscribed to the list. Please respect the simple ethics of this reflector:

Have fun with the new facility!