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This is the online information about TurboLog 4:


Figure 153:  TurboLog's Product Information

Figure 153:  TurboLog's Product Information


This information frame contains all the necessary information in order to identify and describe the version that you are currently running.  

The file version includes the build number and date of compilation. This is essential information in case of a bug report.


Furthermore, the red line of text will inform you of the version your license key currently is valid for. This will allow you to extend our Update Service from our website in time. Moreover, this information prevents you from getting a demo version on updating without a valid license key.


Please note: 

There are 2 hotspots  for 'mouse over' in the frame.

Thus, you can visit our website or start your E-mail browser in order to write us an E-mail right from this information frame.


Click the OK button in order to leave and close the frame.


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