Legend for this Handbook

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The following summarizes editing features and conventions used in this handbook:


Normal topic link:


Do-it   This is a topic link to the topic Call in this handbook.


Link to an anchor point in a topic:


Do-it  This is a link to the anchor point odd calls in the topic Call.


Internet link:


Do-it  This is an internet link to our website at: WWW.TURBOLOG.DE




Do-it  Commands, for example: Press Cursor+Down, are noted in this color.


Hotspots and clickables:


Do-it Hotspots and clickables are noted in this color.


Referenced terms:


Do-it Referenced terms, for example: MultiPrefixQualifier are noted in this color.


Important information:


Do-it We strongly recommend to follow these instructions.


Callouts on figures:


Do-it The background color of callouts is yellow, this yellow.


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