Licensing Information

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TurboLog 4 is a licensed product. You, the Licensee are defined as the person whose Amateur Radio callsign is embedded in the program. It is an infringement of the terms of this licence agreement for you to alter, or allow the alteration, of the callsign from that to whom the original licence is granted.


You, as the licensee are permitted to run TurboLog on as many systems as you wish and may make copies freely for your own use only. You may not sell or give this software to anyone else, nor post it on bulletin boards or other public access media without the author's written permission. If you require a callsign change or have a legitimate need for multiple registered callsigns then you are invited to contact TurboLog Communications.


Persons contemplating the unlicensed use of this product in any way are cautioned that they will be operating outside of the spirit both of this agreement and of Amateur Radio. They may also be rendered liable to prosecution.


The Authors of this product are motivated to spend their precious spare time and settle development costs and all the required efforts for product support and services by  the revenues derived from registration for this product.


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