Using YAESU Parallel Output Data For Band Change

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Another method is provided by TurboLog 4 to log band data. If you have an FT1000, FT990 or FT890, then instead of using another serial port, as discussed above, you may be able to make use of the parallel interface, which makes use of the band output data socket on these radios. This method saves a COM port  and has the advantage of  polling the radio with very low computer overhead and zero radio overhead. However, there are some disadvantages:


You do have to make up another lead.

You will only get band information, not full frequency.

It might not work on all PCs, particularly portables, because sometimes the input lines used are not fully implemented in the PCs hardware.


These disadvantages and the restrictions in Windows with respect to programming the parallel port have lead to the decision not to support reading the band change data for the time being.


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