Interfacing to TurboLog 4

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Most people will want to use at least some of the interfaces offered by TurboLog 4. In this section we discuss what connections and how they can be made.


You have the following optional interfaces:


Packet Radio, single channel or multi-channel connections by means of a suitable TNC.

Packet Radio by internet connection to a Telnet site.

CAT for ful control of transceivers.

Morse CW output

Digital Modes via a Multimode Controller or via soundcard.

Antenna switching from a parallel port.

Voice in- & output via soundcard.

Remote alerting by sounds and/or serial interface.


TurboLog 4 supports the use of up to 12 unique serial COM-Ports. This of course requires suitable interface hard- and software in your PC. Since most modern PCs  have less and less COM-Ports onboard you will need a small external device that expands a USB-interface to the required number of serial ports.


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