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While starting TurboLog 4 you will be prompted to enter your license key. This is a string of 16 characters. The key is provided by TurboLog Communications on payment of the license fee. The key is valid for the licensed call and for the actual version only. Subscribers to the automatic update service will receive a key that is valid for versions ahead of the current depending on the length of the service period booked. Our list of services and prices which is available on our website at WWW.TURBOLOG.DE indicates the cost of the service for a one year's period which we define as equivalent to 2 new versions.


If TurboLog 4 is started for the first time the user is prompted for entering the licence key in the following dialogue box:


Figure 11:  Call and Key Prompt

Figure 11:  Call and Key Prompt


If a correct key is entered the status indicator at the bottom of the box would turn into green. Clicking the Accept button would start a fully licensed version. The user will not be bothered with entering the key for future sessions of the program.


Starting the program without a key or with a false key would turn the program into a demo-version. This version exhibits certain restrictions in order to "remind" the user of the benefits of the fully licensed version, to support the web services and the future development of TurboLog 4.


Clicking the Cancel button will end the dialogue and continue loading the program. It will become, however, a demo-version. This will be indicated on the top banner line at the left corner.


For the time being the demo- version exhibits the following restrictions:


Other logs can be imported, however, only 200 new QSOs can be logged in total. During the first session the number of imported log records plus the number of 200 manually logged QSOs will be accepted. During the next session, however, logging new QSOs will be blocked unless the total number of records in the log is reduced to 200 QSOs. You need to delete old records in order to gain space for new ones to log and for testing the logging facilities.

You will be allowed to send just 5 spots, announcements, etc. to the packet cluster.

At about 1.5 hours after the start of the program you are prompted by the following popup:


Please subscribe!

Figure 12:  Demo Version Prompt



Unless you respond by entering the requested random character string the program will not continue with all threads suspended. After the first time this popup will again appear at half an hour later and after this appearance show up randomly at some 30 minutes interval. Click the Accept button to continue. Cancel will abort the program. Help will surface this information page.


All of these teasers will be off in the licensed version. Thus:


Please subscribe !


TurboLog 4 can be downloaded from WWW.TURBOLOG.DE at any time and turned into a fully licensed version by means of the key. The key has to be purchased by TurboLog Communications. Please move to the list of services and prices on our website for information on the recent cost.




AcceptAccepts inputs and leaves frame.
CancelCancels all changes and leaves frame.
HelpOpens (this) help window.


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