Packet Cluster TNC Interfacing

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If you own a TNC, then you will certainly want to connect it up with TurboLog 4. If you are a user of PacketCluster then TurboLog 4 provides a whole new way of working, based on the new developed Packet Radio and Internet Cluster interface. Even if you are already connected to a Packet Radio Cluster or receive your Packet spots via an internet connection, TurboLog 4 allows you to have other multiple connections simultaneously, whilst continuing to run the logging program.


Please note: Packet Radio operations will require to equip TurboLog 4 with a suitable TNC. There will be no direct interfacing to a data transceiver from within the program. Packet Radio is based on the AX-25 protocol. The better technical solution to this is to have an external device ...the TNC...  dealing with the demanding procedures while the PC can follow the critical realtime tasks.


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