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TurboLog and ClusTerm are trademarks of TurboLog Communications, **DJ9KG**, Güdesen & Klemp, Brinkweg 5, D-27321 Morsum, Germany; (

PacketCluster is a registered trademark, and PCDB and Hamcall are trademarks of Pavillion Software, PO Box 803, Hudson, MA 01749, USA.

PC-GO and GOLIST are trademarks of Electronic Enterprises, PO Box 700, Rio Linda, CA 95673-0700, USA.

CT and DVP  are trademarks of Ken Wolff, K1EA, c/o  PO Box 803, Hudson, MA 01749, USA.

NET/ROM is a trademark of Software 2000 Inc, c/o Amatech International, 6026 N. Greenwood, Clovis, CA 93612, USA.

Windows 9x, 2000, ME, NTx, XP, 7, 8.x, WORD, EXCEL are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Redmont

DELPHI  is a registered trademark of Borland Corporation

Orpheus, AsyncProfessional are registered trademarks of TurboPower Software Comp, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

NexusDB is a registered trademark of Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd. (

WoltLab is a registered trademark of


All other trademarks are hereby acknowledged.


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