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You are cordially invited to subscribe to the TurboLog User Forum. It is available from the main menu of our website or directly at:




We have adopted the commercial WoltLab Community Forum ( WCF ) for our purposes. This package offers all up to date forum features. However, its main advantage is its search facility. Unlike the E-mail reflector all questions, conversations and contributions are saved in a large database for later retrieval by other users. Thus, in case of questions and after the database has been filled for some period of time you can check the forum whether your question or problem has been addressed before.


Starting now ( 21-Sept-2014 ), all our public communication will be published exclusively on the TurboLog User Forum


You can subscribe all on yourself at the URL given above. Please register in order to enter the Forum. The standard check-in procedures with password and identification are applied in order to maintain data security, prevent access by robots and abuse of the forum. Unethical behavior or abuse of the forum will trigger administrator actions like warnings, timely restrictions, black listing or total exclusion (...hopefully not necessary...).


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Figure 2:  Web Page of the Turbolog User Forum



Please also define your user profile i.e. with respect to the e-mail postings you want to receive.


For security reasons we cannot automatically import the current users having subscribed to the Email Reflector.


However, please bear in mind  that after some time we plan to shut down the Email Reflector and to fully migrate to the forum. We will inform you well ahead of this action.


On we go!


We are looking forward to your contributions!


Have fun with exploring the forum!


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