Multi User Operation

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TurboLog 4 is designed for Multi User Operation. This means that the program will automatically adapt to customizations for the particular workstation in operation or for a specific user which was defined on it. Multi User Operation capability is a necessary step towards running TurboLog 4 in a client server configuration as required for operation in a local area network ( LAN ). This is of particular interest to contest groups, DX-peditions or multi user club stations. Typically these operations will include a number of different radio sites. Each site will be equipped with radios plus separate workstation(s), e.g. Laptop(s). There is one site in this cluster hosting the common database while all workstations provide inputs or extract data from it simultaneously.


The "normal" user, however, does not need to care for these capabilities at all. "Normal" means: Only one user at only one workstation. Starting from TurboLog 4 Build 256, however, he is inherently treated as a multi user as well but he will not realize it. Consequently he does not need to read the following information.


Please note:

Even the "normal" user can benefit from the Multi User Operation if, for example, he would like to run contests in a specially customized working environment. Just switching over to the predefined Contest User environment will solve the problem.


Multi User Operation - How it works:


Multi User Operation requires to save customized settings for the particular workstation and/or users. Since all customizations are saved in INI-files there will now have to be specific files containing all customizations. Thus, the main INI-file under TurboLog 4's root directory will now show up at the following formats:


TURBOLOG4.INI ... containing the factory defaults and/or your customizations as yet ( before Build 256 ).

TURBOLOG4_xx.INI ... containing any new customizations after Build 256 differing from TURBOLOG4.INI  .


Accordingly, all file names of the database tables which are contained in the ...\DATASETTINGS subdirectory will be extended as soon as customizations on their layouts have been performed. Thus, there will be, e.g.:


QSO_table.INI ... containing the factory defaults and/or your customizations as yet ( before Build 256 ).

QSO_table_xx.INI ... containing any new customizations after Build 256 differing from QSO_table.INI  .


The same will happen to CLUSTERSITES.INI, NOTES.INI, etc.  ... .


xx denotes the user or station identifier which is automatically read out from the SYSTEM parameters defined under WINDOWS' ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES ( see below for details ). The user or station identifier can be a number ( station number assigned to a workstation in a network ) or a user name as defined for the access to WINDOWS.


Please note: 

The user or station identifier must be unique in a network operation! Depending on what you defined under ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES the properties of TurboLog 4 will be different in the network. All properties can be either station specific or user specific. 


Station specific means: All users on a particular workstation will work under the same settings.

User specific means: A particular user can work by means of his private customizations at any station in the network.


Activating Multi User Operation:


The top level distinction whether all customization in TurboLog 4 is to be station specific or to be user specific has to be performed in the Configuration Menu. Unfortunately only a check box for either one or the other decision can be offered here since it is impossible to enter a station or user identifier right at this spot. This action has to be performed in the WINDOWS Setup since Multi User Operation  is based on WINDOWS features defined under the ENVIRONMENT regime. Following the path:




will result in presenting a frame which allows you to set two ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES:


USER VARIABLES               .... please ignore this one.

SYSTEM VARIABLES          ..... this section is of interest to us.


Please move into the latter section and scroll for the VARIABLE entry STATION. With respect to the corresponding entry for VALUE the following cases have to be distinguished:


1.If there is no entry assigned under VALUE all customization will be station specific and an identifier, e.g. "1" will be generated automatically.

2.If an arbitrary identifier string is specified as VALUE, e.g. a station number, all customization is station specific.

3.If the entry for VALUE is identical to the string <user> the system will automatically select the WINDOWS user name as entry. The resulting behavior with respect to customization will be user specific.


With respect to xx, the multi user file extension, and in view of these three cases  TurboLog 4 will proceed as follows:


Case 1:   No entry string found ... VALUE and xx accordingly will be set to 1.

Case 2:   Entry string found ... xx will be set accordingly.

Case 3:   Entry string <user> found ... xx will be set accordingly.


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