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The country database is one of the most important and delicate components in TurboLog 4. This database contains all country related information such as prefixes, time zones, geographical coordinates, DXCC status, countryname, etc. All country assignments in TurboLog 4 are based on data derived from this source. Since the political scene changes with new countries emerging and others disappearing and moreover, the authorities issuing new prefix blocks for their particular countries, the database needs continuous maintenance. TurboLog Communications will update the database for this reason with every new update version of TurboLog 4.


Maintenance of the database requires editing the file. We strongly recommend to our customers not to edit the country database on their own. Amendments primarily require a deep understanding of the underlying principles of data evaluation and special editing tools because of the large size of the file. Nevertheless, we disclose the new structure of the country database below:


General structure:


The country database contains the following data sections:


Main Country Database

Deleted Countries



Special Prefix Cases

Pseudo Prefixes


In principle the database is constructed of records of the following composition:




The components are described in the following table:








Country's main/nominal prefix


*= wildcard


Indicates area information available


*= more info in area section


Unique internal number for identification


Max 520


Continent assignment




DXCC status indicator


D=yes, N=no, X=deleted


Commonwealth membership indicator


C=yes, *=no


Geographical coordinate; N=north, S=south


Decimal number :xx.yy-N


Geographical coordinate; W=west, E=east


Decimal number:xxx.yy-W


CQ-Zone many as apply




ITU-Zone many as apply




Time offset from latitudinal calculation


In minutes

MultiPrefixQualifier  MPQ

Indicates multiple countries for one prefix


Mnenonic lower case letter, e.g.: f for Fidji


Full name of country


Name plus [MPQ],if present


All prefixes for the particular country


All pref.,separated by blanc

Table 4: Components ot the Country Database



The | serves as delimiter between the components. Please note: If a country spans more than one zone, the zones are all included in the component field...just as they apply with any separator other than the |.



Main Country Database:


Following the record structure as above there is one record for every active DXCC country. Each country has its unique country number. Provisions are made to deal with a virtually unlimited number of countries. For the time being the number is limited to 520...which should be sufficient for the foreseeable future. Any new DXCC country would be issued the Next Country Number which is indicated in the header of the Country.DAT file.


The country number is the way in which prefix groups belonging to a single country are mapped to each other. You should never change the existing numbers, as they are used within the logging software itself.


Since some prefixes refer to more than one country we have solved this problem by introducing the MultiPrefixQualifier. In this case the prefix entry occurs several times, once for each country. Each entry is assigned a MultiPrefixQualifier which mnemonically describes the specific country. For example: The prefix 3D2 is issued for the DXCC countries:



Conway Reef,



The MultiPrefixQualifier is selected accordingly to be f, c and r, respectively. The MultiPrefixQualifier is attached to the country's name [f], etc for identification purposes.


Please note:

All identical prefixes must appear as a group with no other prefixes interspersed.



Deleted Countries:


Deleted countries are fully implemented in TurboLog 4. They are always referenced by their 4-letter Pseudo Prefix, to avoid confusion with current allocations. All deleted countries are listed below. Entering the Pseudo Prefix in the Call field and pressing Cursor+Dwn or Tab will bring the country information to the screen.


TANG| |339|AF|X| |26.00-N|006.00-W|33/|37/|0000| |Tangier (del 1-7-61)

IFNI| |340|AF|X| |29.00-N|010.00-W|33/|37/|0000| |Ifni (del 14-5-69)

FWAF| |341|AF|X| |15.00-N|000.00-E|35/|46/|0000| |Fr W Africa (del 7-8-60)

COMO| |342|AF|X| |12.00-S|045.00-E|39/|53/|0000| |Comoros (del 7-7-75)

EQAF| |343|AF|X| |00.00-N|015.00-E|36/|47/|0000| |Fr Eq Africa (del 17-8-60)

ISOM| |344|AF|X| |05.00-N|048.00-E|37/|48/|0000| |Ital Somalia (del 1-7-60)

ZANZ| |345|AF|X| |06.00-N|039.00-E|37/|53/|0000| |Zanzibar (del 1-6-74)

BSOM| |346|AF|X| |10.00-N|048.00-E|37/|48/|0000| |Brit Somaliland (del 1-7-60)

ALDA| |347|AF|X| |09.00-S|048.00-E|39/|53/|0000| |Aldabra (del 29-6-76)

DESR| |348|AF|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|39/|53/|0000| |Desroches (del 29-6-76)

FARQ| |349|AF|X| |10.30-S|052.00-E|39/|53/|0000| |Farquhar (del 29-6-76)

TOGO| |350|AF|X| |06.00-N|002.00-W|35/|46/|0000| |Gold Coast Togo (del 6-3-57)

RUAN| |351|AF|X| |03.30-S|029.30-E|36/|52/|0000| |Ruanda-Urundi (del 1-7-62)

BLEN| |352|AF|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|39/|41/|0000| |Blenheim Reef (del 1-7-65)

GEYS| |353|AF|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|39/|53/|0000| |Geyser Reef (del 1-3-78)

PENG| |334|AF|X| |26.00-S|015.00-E|38/|57/|0000| |Penguin Islands (del 1-3-94)

WALV| |297|AF|X| |25.00-S|015.00-E|38/|57/|0000| |Walvis Bay (del 1-3-94)

ABUA| |301|AS|X| |14.10-N|042.80-E|21/|39/|0000| |Abu Ail and Jabal (del 1-4-91)

SIKK| |354|AS|X| |27.50-N|088.00-E|22/|41/|0000| |Sikkim (del 1-5-75)

TIBT| |355|AS|X| |33.00-N|085.00-E|23/|41/|0000| |Tibet (del 31-5-75)

MANC| |356|AS|X| |47.00-N|127.00-E|24/|33/|0000| |Manchuria (del 16-9-63)

DAMA| |357|AS|X| |20.50-N|073.00-E|22/|41/|0000| |Damao  Diu (del 1-1-63)

GOA | |358|AS|X| |15.00-N|074.00-E|22/|41/|0000| |Goa (del 1-1-63)

FICH| |359|AS|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|26/|49/|0000| |Fr Indo-China (del 21-12-50)

FIND| |360|AS|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|22/|41/|0000| |French India (del 1-11-54)

TORI| |361|AS|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|27/|45/|0000| |Okino Torishima (del 1-12-80)

OKIN| |362|AS|X| |27.00-N|128.00-E|25/|45/|0000| |Okinawa (del 15-5-72)

MALA| |363|AS|X| |03.00-N|102.50-E|28/|54/|0000| |Malaya (del 16-9-63)

KURI| |364|AS|X| |17.50-N|056.50-E|21/|39/|0000| |Kuria Muria Is (del 30-11-67)

PALE| |365|AS|X| |32.00-N|035.00-E|20/|39/|0000| |Palestine (del 1-7-68)

KAMA| |366|AS|X| |15.50-N|043.00-E|21/|39/|0000| |Kamaran Is (del 11-3-82)

SINZ| |367|AS|X| |28.50-N|046.00-E|21/|39/|0000| |Saudi-Iraq NZ (del 26-12-81)

KSNZ| |368|AS|X| |28.00-N|048.00-E|21/|39/|0000| |Kuwait-Saudi NZ (del 15-12-69)

YEAR| |246|AS|X| |13.00-N|045.00-E|21/|39/|0000| |Yemen Arab Rep (del 22-5-90)

PDRY| |389|AS|X| |13.00-N|045.00-E|21/|39/|0000| |PDR of Yemen (del 22-5-90)

CZEC| |124|EU|X| |50.10-N|014.40-E|15/|28/|0000| |Czechoslovakia (del 1-1-93)

DDR | |213|EU|X| |51.00-N|007.00-E|14/|28/|0000| |E Germany (del 1-1-91)

GERM| |388|EU|X| |51.00-N|007.00-E|14/|28/|0000| |Old Germany (Pre 17-9-73)

TRIE| |369|EU|X| |45.60-N|013.80-E|15/|28/|0000| |Trieste (del 1-4-57)

KARE| |370|EU|X| |64.00-N|034.00-E|16/|19/|0000| |Karelo-Finnish Rep (del 1-7-60)

SAAR| |371|EU|X| |49.20-N|007.00-E|14/|28/|0000| |Saar (del 1-4-57)

BAJO| |372|NA|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|08/|11/|0000| |Bajo Nuevo (del 17-9-81)

SERR| |373|NA|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|07/|11/|0000| |Serrana Bank (del 17-9-81)

SWAN| |374|NA|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|07/|11/|0000| |Swan Is (del 1-9-72)

CANL| |375|NA|X| |09.00-N|079.00-W|07/|11/|0000| |Canal Zone (del 1-10-79)

NEWF| |376|NA|X| |48.00-N|055.00-W|02/|09/|0000| |Newfoundland (del 1-4-49)

PTIM| |377|OC|X| |09.00-S|126.00-E|28/|54/|0000| |Portugese Timor (del 15-9-76)

NNGN| |378|OC|X| |05.00-S|137.00-E|28/|51/|0000| |Neth N Guinea (del 1-5-63)

PAPU| |379|OC|X| |07.00-S|145.00-E|28/|51/|0000| |Papua Territory (del 16-9-75)

TNGU| |380|OC|X| |06.00-S|145.00-E|28/|51/|0000| |Terr N Guinea (del 16-9-75)

JAVA| |381|OC|X| |08.00-S|112.00-E|28/|54/|0000| |Java (del 1-5-63)

SUMA| |382|OC|X| |00.00-N|101.00-E|28/|54/|0000| |Sumatra (del 1-5-63)

NBOR| |383|OC|X| |00.00-N|115.00-E|28/|54/|0000| |N'lands Borneo (del 1-5-63)

CELE| |384|OC|X| |02.50-S|125.00-E|28/|54/|0000| |Celebes-Molucca (del 1-5-63)

SARA| |385|OC|X| |03.00-N|113.00-E|28/|54/|0000| |Sarawak (del 16-9-63)

BNBO| |386|OC|X| |05.00-N|117.00-E|28/|54/|0000| |Br N Borneo (del 16-9-63)

MINE| |387|OC|X| |00.00-N|000.00-E|32/|62/|0000| |Minerva Reef (del 16-7-72)

SSUD| |305|AF|X| |05.00-N|031.60-E|34/|48/|0000| |Southern Sudan (del 1-4-98)

NANT| |302|SA|X| |12.00-N|069.00-W|09/|11/|0000| |Netherlands Antilles(PJ2-4)(del 10-10-2010-0400z)

NASM| |131|NA|X| |18.00-N|063.00-W|08/|11/|0000| |Sint Maarten (PJ5-8)(del 10-10-2010-0400z)

MVI | |316|EU|X| |60.60-N|028.60-E|16/|29/|0000| |Malyy-Vysotskiy Island (del 17-02-2012)

KH5K| |101|OC|X| |07.50-N|162.80-W|31/|61/|0000| |Kingman Reef(KH5K)(del 29-02-2016)


Table 5: List of Deleted DXCC Countries




Area information is fully exploited in TurboLog 4 if available for a particular country. Unfortunately only a minority of the communication authorities have established a systematical call assignment by call areas in their particular country. We currently do not evaluate any potential area information which might be coded in suffix letters since this is extremely error prone.

The area information is collected in a separate database section. This database has the same common structure as outlined above:




This allows local adjustment of all country assignments to the particular call area, if necessary. CountryName will be extended in this section by the names of the geographical entities the area consists of. If the MainPrefix is equal to the assignment in the main country section the first field of the record may be filled by a the wildcard character *. Likewise AllPrefixes can be left blank if there is no further distinction made between call areas and prefix assignments. The field Area contains the call area number in this section.





Canadian provinces require a special treatment. A problem occurs in the Canadian case since there are three distinct provinces under the same call area number, e.g. VE1, VY1 and VO1. The problem was solved by treating it in a special section of the country database. Following the common record structure these assignments were made in order to deal with the problem:



VO1*| |186|NA|D|C|46.00-N|075.00-W|  5|9|0000| |Canada (Newfoundland)

VO2*| |186|NA|D|C|46.00-N|075.00-W|  2|9|0000| |Canada (Labrador)

VY0*| |186|NA|D|C|46.00-N|075.00-W|1,2,4|2,3,4,75|0000| |Canada (Nunavut)

VY1*| |186|NA|D|C|46.00-N|075.00-W|  1|1|0000| |Canada (Yukon)

VY2*| |186|NA|D|C|46.00-N|075.00-W|  5|9|0000| |Canada (Prince Edward Island)

VY9*| |186|NA|D|C|46.00-N|075.00-W|  5|9|0000| |Canada (Prince Edward Island)

Table 6: List of Canadian Provinces



Since this section is small as yet we are well prepared for any possible future restructuring of Canada....



Special Prefix Cases:


Another special treatment is required for Antarctica. Antarctica only counts as one DXCC country, but may have prefixes from many different nationalities. Known prefixes are contained in the main country database and treated as unambiguous cases under the AllPrefixes regime. Also, there is an entry in this section with a prefix of ANTA allowing the programs using this database to access a single "prefix" for ANTARCTICA. Callsigns that are not explicitly Antarctic (e.g. Y88POL) should be put into the CALLS database.


Guantanamo Bay is another difficult case since it can only differentiated by its 2-letter suffix from other US continental calls. The solution is implemented in a special section as below:



KG4??| |260|NA|D| |20.00-N|075.00-W|08|11|0000| |Guantanamo Bay

Table 7: Special Prefix Guantanamo Bay


Pseudo Prefixes:


Pseudo Prefixes either serve as an entry point for Deleted Countries, as a "Prefix Collector" as in the case of Antarctica which comprises of many different Prefixes for all the nations which are present there or to access Non DXCC countries. The latter do not count for DXCC but may be important for various awards, e.g. the Worked All Europe WAE-award. The following Pseudo Prefixes are defined in TurboLog 4.



ANTA| |310|AN|D| |80.00-S|060.00-W|12/13/29/30/32/38/39/|67/69/70/71/72/73/74/|0000|a|Antarctica (all nations)

4U1V| |312|EU|N| |48.20-N|016.30-E|15/|28/|0000| |Vienna International Center (WAE)|4U1V 4U*V

BEAR| |279|EU|N| |75.00-N|019.00-E|40/|18/|0000| |Bear Island (WAE)|BEAR

SHET| |391|EU|N| |60.33-N|001.33-W|14/|27/|0000| |Shetland Islands (WAE)|SHET GZ** MZ** 2Z**

SICI| |390|EU|N| |37.50-N|014.00-E|15/|28/|0000| |Sicily (for WAE)|SICI

Z6**| |407|EU|N| |42.66-N|021.16-E|15/|28/|0000| |Kosovo (WAE)|Z6**

Table 8: Pseudo-Prefixes for NON-DXCC Countries


... whereas D stands for DXCC relevant and N for Non DXCC.


Depending on your interests and habits you can of course either assign a call in your logbook to its DXCC origin or to a Pseudo Prefix Non DXCC country.

Thus, for example, an IT9 call would automatically be assigned to the DXCC country Italy. If you would also like it to be assigned to the Non DXCC country Sicily you can enter it again and then edit its country number to be 390. The same applies to the other members of the Non DXCC set.


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