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The CountryNumber should be a field of little interest to the user. On entering a QSO it will be filled automatically with a unique number which is assigned to each DXCC country in TurboLog 4. While logging the Countrynumber and Country-assignment can be controlled by the Ctrl+F4 facility (..may be Fn+CTRL+F4 in Windows 8) in order to cope with odd Calls and ambiguities. The Countrynumber will only be used internally. In normal operation the correct number is derived from the process of automatic prefix validation.


There is always a fixed connection to the CountryName. The latter is the only interface to the user.


Like all other fields the country field can be customized on the loginput line. All features described for customizing the loginput line apply for this field. We strongly recommend, however, that you remove this field from the active loginput line.


If a QSO was erroneously logged with an incorrect country assignment the log record will have to be edited. The procedure is as follows:


1.Make sure your log's Gridview contains countrynumber and countryname - this  can be done by right clicking anywhere in the log and choosing customize gridview from the pop-up window then ticking the above items.

2.When you accept this you will see the country's number and name. Edit both items to the correct notations.

3.Save the edited record.


There are two ways for getting the correct notations for countrynumber and countryname:


1.You review your log records for QSOs with stations from that particular country for which you want to retrieve the notations.

2.If the particular country was not worked before you need to inspect the country database and extract number and name from there.


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