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The CountryName is another field which is automatically filled for you by TurboLog 4. It does not require any further action from the user. If a call was entered for prefix analysis and on entering a QSO for logging,  TurboLog 4  will insert the DXCC-countryname for you. The countryname is derived from the automatic prefix validation or from the user controlled country assignment for ambiguous calls and/or odd calls.


There is always a fixed assignment to a distinct CountryNumber. The latter, however,  is only used internally while countryname is the real user interface.


Like all other fields the countryname field can be customized on the loginput line. All features described for customizing the loginput lineapply for this field. We strongly recommend, however, that you remove this field from the active loginput line. It is of interest in reports, exporting and on the review grid only.


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