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Besides the many operating modes which are used in Ham Radio there are currently just 4 modes defined by the ARRL DXCC desk as relevant for DXCC awards. These modes are by definition:







We have denoted these modes as DXCCMODES or DXCC_Modes since they represent clusters of real modes behind them. Phone for example represents SSB, AM, FM, and their derivatives in terms of real modes. Digital currently covers a wide range of communication modes all made feasible by using the PC's soundcard.


According to the modes "known" by LoTW [6/17/2021]  and accepted for the DXCC-Awards the following DXCCModes are implemented in TurboLog 4:








Please note:

WSJT and PACKET are not on the list. CLO stands for CLOVER, TOR for AMTOR and PAC for PACTOR.


The assignment of real modes to DXCC modes is defined in the bands & modes matrix. This should be the spot to place new modes and to edit the existing ones as TurboLog 4 will enter the default assignment into the DXCCMODE field by table look-up from there.


The DXCCMODE field, however, allows you make sure that the exotic mode you are working with will be assigned correctly to the currently defined DXCC modes. Thus, the DXCCMODE field is not required on the active loginput line if the bands & modes table is maintained up to date. We recommend that you omit the DXCCMODE field from the input line. By keeping the bands & modes table maintained, let TurboLog 4 do the work for you.


If you do any manual editing on the DXCCMODE field you need to bear in mind that this field is internally used for tracking the DXCC awards and in reports. The DXCCMODE field does not belong to the QSO-essentials. There is no checking for data integrity with respect to this field while the QSO is logged.


The strict relation between mode and DXCCMODE will be maintained in review mode as well. This means: If you alter a mode the assigned DXCCMODE will automatically be inserted....but not vice versa since the mapping is not unique.


Like all other fields the DXCCMODE field can be customized on the loginput line. All features described for customizing the loginput lineapply for this field.



See table in loginput line.



Every input field can be clicked: See loginput line.


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