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This is where you  log the mode which you used for this QSO. The mode field belongs to the QSO essentials. The mode field thus undergoes a data integrity check before the QSO is logged.


Like all other fields the mode field can be arranged on the loginput line in accordance with your personal needs. All features described for customizing the loginput line apply for this field. This includes the commands available and search operations ( keyword search, quick search) in particular.


With respect to the field properties the mode field is equipped with a default stack to choose from. This means the stack contains pre-programd data. The stack will pop up directly below the call field on pressing Shift+Cursor+Down. If you want to load the content of a predefined input into the mode field you just select the line of interest by mouse or by pressing Cursor+Down. A left mouse key double click will enter the stack line into the mode field. Likewise you can press Enter for the same action. Both operations will not only load from the stack but also move the input focus to the field next right of the mode field. This saves an additional keystroke.


Of course you can define an input stack as well. The predefined values in the default stack can be altered in the main menu in bands & modes. This is where new modes can be created and co-ordinated with other loginput fields.


The selected entry for the mode field controls the following fields and parameters:



As defined in bands & modes a selected mode will automatically be followed by the appropriate report defaults 599 or 59.



Bands & modes also defines the DXCC assignment of the selected mode. This is in especially important for all the numerous new modes which continue to come into use. The DXCC desk has currently defined the following mode related awards:





In order to keep TurboLog 4 fully open for future definitions of the DXCC desk any transmission mode can be assigned to any of the DXCC modes. According to the links in bands & modes, however, the equivalent DXCC mode will be inserted automatically into the DXCC_Mode logging field.


Please note: 

The [...]-bracketed start-up value in the Mode's Default Stack for the Mode initially to be shown on the loginput line must be defined in the Bands & Modes table since this is the origin of all Modes available in TurboLog 4.




See table in loginput line.



Every input field can be clicked: See loginput line.


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