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Working the DXCC awards sponsored by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) always has been and still is the "salt of the earth" in ham radio activity. Once started with chasing the rare DX stations from all over the world the discerning operator finds himself over and over again in pile-ups fiercely fighting for a contact with the rare bird for an "all time new country", "new mode" or "new band". Working down the list of DXCC countries/entities in most cases remains a life-time challenge in a ham radio career. This length of period indicates the importance of support in keeping track with countries worked, QSL cards received, etc, etc....


This is the real strength of TurboLog 4 to support the operator by providing continuously updated information with respect to all of the DXCC awards. In order to achieve this TurboLog 4 automatically extracts from the logged QSO records:


Every DXCC country from:

The current list of DXCC entities, This is the "active" list of DXCC countries.

Deleted DXCC countries, This list contains countries which passed from the "active" list.

Non DXCC countries. These are WAE countries, such as Sicily Is, Shetland Is, Bear Is and the Vienna International center ( 4U1VIC, etc. ).

The list of All countries, which consists of these 3 subsets.


Every band


Every mode


Worked status for a country:

Worked before start of current survey period

Worked since start of current survey period

Worked both periods.

QSL status for a country:

QSL received for a country

QSL accepted by the ARRL DXCC desk.


...and all combinations of the above.


In addition to this TurboLog 4 provides different views of the DXCC records. They can be sorted and listed with respect to:




Membership of British Commonwealth.


Finally a numerical DXCC Summary is provided which can be recalled by pressing Shift+F7.


This highly complex task of book keeping is done in the background of the logging activity and requires very little interaction by the user. Only the QSL status needs to be updated by the user as the cards come in or go out. This of course cannot be controlled by any logbook.


All DXCC related information is recorded and maintained in a separate database. While being rebuild the database extracts the required inputs from the log database and sorts the information with respect to start date and time of the current DXCC survey period. Rebuilds are initiated automatically by TurboLog 4 but can likewise be triggered off from the database maintenance menu.


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