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Online QSL request systems (OQSL, aka OQRS) have recently become very popular. Instead of sending your QSL card plus return postage and donation in a letter through the postal system you now simply edit QSO data on a dedicated web page. OQSL is widely used by DXpeditions these days. Along with providing a logbook search facility in order to allow checking whether you are in the expedition's log after you made your QSO(s) you can finally enter your QSO data for cross checking. In most cases logging dates like Date, Time, Mode and Band have to be entered. For the time being there is no other way than doing it manually.


After you found your QSOs being confirmed in the DXpedition's log you can request QSLs either being sent directly or through the bureau. The former will require to transfer a requested amount of money for return postage. However, in both cases donations can be transferred along with the OQSL procedure.


The advantages of OQSL are quite obvious for both, the DXpedition and the DXer seeking QSL confirmation.


In any case the DXer using TurboLog 4 will want to include OQSL information in his log. Thus, the following support tools are provided in order to deal with the new process:


1.The QSL sent field may now contain the letter O for indicating an OQSL request has been initiated. For ease of operation you simply enter the call you have applied for in the call field of the log input line. Pressing cursor+down will now display all QSOs with that particular call in the review frame. Just proceed like you would in the normal QSL operations (e.g. select QSOs, right click over the review area to open context menu or open the QSL menu up in the logbooks menu bar). Now left click the line reading Flag QSL sent via OQSL or press the shortcut Shift+F8. This will automatically insert an O into the QSL sent field. Throughout the log this will now be treated just like you have sent the QSL after you printed it and marked it accordingly by Y. Furthermore, no QSLs will be printed for records marked by O if you select the option Any marked  from the QSL via menu in QSL Print Operations.

2.In addition to this you can also opt for an automatic transfer of QSO details into the QSL Admin database. This is highly recommended. Thus, you will not really need to type any data into the QSL Admin database ( see next item).

3.Move into the Edit menu and open sub item QSL Admin. This is the ideal spot to collect all information along with the OQSL process, e.g. donation, QSL sent and received dates, logbook dates, money transfer identification, etc.






Shift+F8Flag QSL sent QSL via OQSL



LEFT KEY CLICKSelects/highlights field or log record line
SHIFT + LEFT KEYSelects range of log records
RIGHT KEY CLICKActivate popup/context menu


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