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This field is designed to enter a message related to this QSO which you would like to be printed on your QSL card. This message is well suited to personalize your contact and QSL card. Provision was made to enter a maximum of 40 characters for this purpose. This should be sufficient for most cases. When you print your QSL cards the message will be retrieved from the database and inserted in your card at a predetermined point. This will be a great final courtesy to your QSO-partner. In view of this benefits we strongly recommend that you maintain this field on the active part of the loginput line when you customize a special one for rag-chew QSOs.


The QSL_printmsg, however, does not belong to the QSO essentials. There is no checking for data integrity with respect to this field while the QSO is logged.


Like all other fields the QSL_printmsg field can be customized on the loginput line. All features described for customizing the loginput lineapply for this field.



See table in loginput line.



Every input field can be clicked: See loginput line.


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