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This field serves to flag a QSO for sending a QSL card for it. The QSL_to_send field  does not belong to the QSO essentials. As a consequence data integrity is not checked before logging. The QSL_to_send field can include one character only.


Please enter:

Y     if you want to flag the QSO for sending a QSL.

B     if you want to send the QSL via the bureau.

D     if you want to send the QSL directly.


You just leave the field empty if you do not intend to send a QSL card. Don't worry if you forgot to enter one of the choices. You can still repeat this operation in review mode. With this in mind you could skip this field from the input line and save time and space in case of busy logging. We recommend, however, that you keep this field on the active line for a standard QSO's arrangement.


Like all other fields the QSL_to_send field can be customized on the loginput line. All features described for customizing the loginput lineapply for this field.


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