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Unique is another field which is of little interest to the user. The field contains the unique record number of the logged QSO. The number is permanent, even when the record is deleted. It is of internal interest only, as in reports, exporting and on the review grid. The field is numerical which means it can contain numbers only.


As the notation UNIQUE suggests:  Every record in the data base is tagged with a unique number for ever. If you delete a record in between all other numbers will remain identical. The number of a deleted record will not be issued a second time! This has many advantages for data retrieval. Unlike in TurboLog3 the Unique Number of the last log entry does not tell you the total number of  log records. Thus, the total number of records in the log has to be computed in a separate manner.


The next QSO Number is the total number plus one!


Like all other fields the unique field can be customized on the loginput line. All features described for customizing the loginput line apply for this field. We strongly recommend, however, that you remove this field from the active log input line and never deal with it.


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