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This is where you log the date which you used for this QSO. The date field belongs to the QSO essentials. The date field thus undergoes a data integrity check before the QSO is logged.


Normally there is nothing to enter or edit on this field since its content is automatically provided by the WINDOWS system routines corrected by the time offset between your local time and UTC which is the anticipated logging time. If your PC-system was setup correctly for your time zone you do not need to worry about time change between summer/daylight saving- and wintertime.


The internal date routines are controlled by WINDOWS. TurboLog 4 supports all date formats which are offered by the WINDOWS system control with respect to your country. Fortunately WINDOWS offers a large variety of acceptable date least in its German version.  In order to overcome the old problem originating from the international mix of formats, resulting in the question: Which field is day, which is month....?..... we would strongly recommend to use a world-wide unique date format.


The date format on display in the logbook window ....our recommended of the unambiguous  format "20-Jun-2003". Again, you are free to use any of the other formats that are supported by WINDOWS and which you prefer in your other applications as well. Please make your adjustment according to the WINDOWS defaults. In WINDOWS please move to: START ----> SYSTEM ----> COUNTRY/Regions ----> DATE in order to make your choice. The preferred date format should be: dd-mmm-yyyy. You will have to set and/or edit both: the separator and the date format. If you should run into problems which might stem from the country-specific 3-letter abbreviations of the months you should select a number only format. This could be,  dd-mm-yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd,  for example.


Please also make sure the time format in Windows is: HH:mm:ss . This format will always produce 2-digit hour representations and will automatically add a leading zero if necessary.


Please note:

SQL as an internationally standardized query language has defined yyyy-mm-dd as input format ( see topic: "SQL Search Facilities", example 6 "Search by date" ). With this is mind it may be worth considering this as the standard date format throughout the program.


Like all other fields the date field can be arranged on the loginput line in accordance with your personal needs. We recommend, however, you disable this field from the log input line. Date will be logged automatically whether it is present on the line or not. All features described for customizing the loginput line apply for this field. This includes the commands available.


With respect to the field properties the date field can be equipped with a stack to choose from. There is no stack by default. If activated, however, the stack will pop up directly below the call field on pressing Shift+Cursor+Down. If you want to load the content of a predefined input into the date field you just select the line of interest by mouse or by pressing Cursor+Down. A left mouse key double click will enter the stack line into the date field. Likewise you can press Enter for the same action. Both operations will not only load from the stack but also move the input focus to the field to the right of the band field. This saves an additional keystroke.



See table in loginput line.



Every input field can be clicked: See loginput line.


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