Installation Procedures

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General Aspects:


The TurboLog 4 software package is a self-extracting data file which can be downloaded from the TurboLog 4 website at WWW.TURBOLOG.DE.  It should be saved in a suitable directory on your machine. For installation just double click on the downloaded file and  follow the standard WINDOWS setup procedure.


TurboLog 4 is equipped with a comprehensive online HELP system which is updated with every new release. Besides this you are recommended to download a manual in PDF-format which is also available at our download page.


TurboLog 4 will typically be installed as a single user version. This means there is just one user operating the program during one session on just one machine.


This type of operation will be the standard use of TurboLog 4.


A multi user operation is possible under the single user licensing terms of conditions. This operation means there are more than just one user running TurboLog 4 on the same machine during separate sessions. The individual user's preferences and modes of operation are saved and will be available if this particular user is signing on. All users operate with the same set of data tables, i.e. on the same log data base. Specific operating procedures are outlined in greater details in the paragraph on Multi User Operation.


Starting with TurboLog 4 version 4.07 the program can be run in a multi user network access mode. This means there can now be:


A virtually unlimited number of machines ( desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablet PCs, etc. ) interlinked by a standard LAN or WLAN

Each machine manned by an individual operator

All operators working on one common set of data tables, i.e. one common log data base

with multiple remote access in realtime.


This is great news for contest groups, club station teams, DX-peditions and QSO parties.


Please note:

Running TurboLog 4 in multi user network access mode requires an additional license for the Nexus DataBase Server. This is a separate program which needs to be started before the TurboLog 4 party session is opened.


Specific procedures and Setup for this type of operation are outlined in greater details in the paragraph on Multi User Network Access Mode.


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