The Packet DXCC Frame

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This display is fully embedded in the Packet Screen. For this reason and unlike the Logging DXCC Popup it cannot be turned off in the DXCC menu. The design of the display frame is slightly different from the logging DXCC pop up as can be seen from the following screen shot:


Figure 310:    DXCC Status for a Packet Spot

Figure 310:    DXCC Status for a Packet Spot


The DXCC status on display is indicated in the caption of the frame. The caption toggles between QSL - Status and Worked Status along with the content of the display. The status will toggle  by Clicking into the band/mode matrix. The DXCC status icons are assigned and displayed accordingly.


The layout of the frame can be customized with respect to bands and modes. The layout, however, is identical for both frames, the logging DXCC popup and the packet DXCC frame.


The conspicuous yellow bar leads the operator's attention almost instantaneously to the band of interest. This band is derived from the spot's frequency.


The DXCC country assignment is extracted from the spotted call. In case of ambiguous calls which cannot be found in CALLS.DAT either no attempt is made for user assignment. As a result there will simply be no  display available. Unlike the logging DXCC pop up there is no display of country information with this frame. This information, however, is available just next to the right in a separate country information frame.


All other features are identical to the logging DXCC popup and outlined in greater details in the chapter on this topic.





Clicking into matrix areaToggles between worked and QSL status.


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