The DXCC Indicator Field is available on the Packet Grid. We strongly recommend to select this field for display on the grid. The indicator field contains compact information for the extracted packet spot's call with respect to the user's DXCC achievements. This information consists of 4 two-letter groups of characters, separated by a "/". We wished we could have used the Status icons used in the DXCC pop-ups. Unfortunately, the data grid cannot be loaded with graphics.


The 4 groups contain the following DXCC information:


1st group:   General status for the DXCC entity derived from the call regardless of band and mode ( "MIXED" ).

2nd group:   Status for this DXCC entity on the spotted Band regardless of mode.

3rd group:    Status for this DXCC entity for the specific DXCC Mode regardless of band.

4th group:   DXCC Slot Status: Analysis of DXCC Modes on the spotted Band


While the Band is derived from the spot's frequency the distinct Mode and the DXCC Mode are assigned according to the band plan which is defined in Bands & Modes and the DXCC database, respectively.


Please note:

Ambiguous Prefixes and Odd Calls will not yield an output in the DXCC Indicator Field unless they are already defined in the CALLs database or the user takes action in assigning a unique DXCC entity to this particular Call, e.g. by applying the Ctrl+F4 utility from the call field.


The first letter in the two-letter groups 1,2,3 stands for the Worked status with respect to the DXCC analysis. The letters have the following meanings:


W  = Worked before start of current survey period.

P   =  Worked since start of the current Period.

B   =  Worked during Both periods.

-   =  Missing, All Time New One (ATNO). Go and get him!


Please note:

The survey period is user defined in the DXCC item of the log's Configuration menu



The second letter in the two-letter groups 1,2,3 denotes the QSL status with the following meanings:


Q  = QSL card received.

A   =  QSL card was Accepted by the DXCC board.

-    =  QSL card missing.


The DXCC Slot Status in the 4th 2-letter group may contain the following characters:


--   =  No Mode worked on the spotted Band.

++  =  No action on this spot required, spotted Mode is already worked and confirmed on this Band.

??  =  Mode not identified, it may be a non-DXCC-Mode

PH =  DXCC-Mode Phone extracted from Spot and found to be not confirmed as yet. (likewise: CW, DIgital, SAtellite)


Please note:

The DXCC-Modes on display are user defined in the DXCC setup and identical to those used in the DXCC pop-ups.


The following screen shot shows a couple of examples of DXCC Indicator Field contents. As can be seen Packet Highlighting has been enabled. The conspicuous colors indicate the interesting spots on the first glance. Thus, the deserving operator should go and get them for his log.


Figure 311:    Examples of DXCC Indicator Field content

Figure 311:    Examples of DXCC Indicator Field content

The interpretation is as follows:


Line 1:

This is a spot of an All Time New One. It deserves highest priority. The highlighting color was selected accordingly.


Line 2:

The spotted country has been worked in both periods. However, no QSL was received as yet. It is a New One on the spotted Band. The extracted Mode has been worked during both periods. The DXCC-Mode CW is missing or not confirmed as yet. The color indicates: New for this Mode on this Band


Line 3:

This is another All Time New One.


Line 4:

The spotted country was worked before the start of the current survey period. A QSL card was received. However, this country was never worked on the spotted Band and Mode. Thus, he is good to be worked in any Mode on the spotted Band. The background color indicates: New for any Mode this Band.


Line 5:

You worked this DXCC entity in both survey periods, received a QSL card for it and your submission for this entity was accepted by the DXCC board. You also worked this DXCC entity on this band before the start of the current survey period and received a QSL card for this band. The QSL was submitted to the DXCC board and accepted. The spotted Mode was worked before the start of the current survey period and a QSL card was received and accepted for this Mode. Thus, there is no action required on this spot. The spotted Mode is already worked and confirmed on this Band. This is indicated by the ++ .


Please note:

All DXCC information displayed is for the Current DXCC list of countries/entities which is maintained in  TurboLog 4's Country Database.



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