Editing in Database Frame

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General Aspects:


This fast and easy editing facility is designed as to show all available fields of a QSO record and not only those fields being selected by the customer for display in the logbook grid. Editing is supported by some powerful tools which allow to extend changes to be applied to all log records or any filtered selection thereof. Thus, the user needs to carefully reflect every step before the particular command is executed. Unlike Editing in the Lookbook Grid any potential mistake may affect numbers of log records and not just the one at hand.  


Pressing Ctrl+Shift+F2 will open a special editor frame. It contains all data which was logged for the QSO being selected:


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Figure 163:   QSO editing in the Database Frame


Press the Edit button or the F2 key and click a field of interest in order to start editing it. The selected field will turn into yellow background color. You can either navigate along the fields within a group box by pressing CursorUp or CursorDown or directly click the field you want to edit next.


Press the Edit button or the F2 key again if you want to finish editing. You are prompted by:


Figure 164:   Yes/No Prompt 

Figure 164:   Yes/No Prompt


Click YES  to save your changes or NO in order to discard them. Clicking the X in the top right corner of the frame will finally close it.


Operational Aspects:


The editor frame is well suited to deal with the following tasks:


Editing or inspecting the country number which will normally not be displayed in the logging grid.

Editing or updating a number of selected records for a particular field without going record by record and being safety prompted in between.


For ease of operation the following features are available:



While the editor screen is open and the Edit button still off the logbook can be scrolled. Clicking onto a logging field of interest and pressing the Next or Previous button or alternatively by pressing Ctrl+ArrowDown or Ctrl+ArrowUp will allow you to scroll the logbook without leaving the editor frame. The selected log record will be highlighted in the logbook and its content will be displayed in the editor frame.


Editing Date fields:

If you just want to to enter today's Date press the F9 key.


If you want to edit one of the Date fields in order to enter any other date you can press the F3 key to open the calender assistant:


Figure 165:    Calendar Assistant

Figure 165:    Calendar Assistant


Of course the calendar will show up with the specific features of WINDOWS for your country (...hopefully). A double click on a date will transfer it into the Date field and close the calendar. You can scroll the months by clicking the arrow buttons to the left or right.


Duplicating Field Content:

You can select a number of log records and change the content of one logging field in just one single operation. This is one of the options available under the context menu which will open upon right mouse key click:


Figure 166:   Right Mouse Click Context Menu

Figure 166:   Right Mouse Click Context Menu


Selecting menu option Duplicate Field or pressing Ctrl+K will transfer 'Y' in the example above into the QSL_sent field of all highlighted ( this case: 2 ) log records. Of course you are prompted for this operation:


Figure 167:   Safety Prompt for duplicating field content

Figure 167:   Safety Prompt for duplicating field content


Only upon Yes the duplicating operation will be started.


Very important notice:

Please be very careful with this option. Make very sure you have really selected the correct log records and you have set the focus onto the field you really want to duplicate. In particular check the number of log records at hand. An error could spoil your log. Imagine you had set the focus onto the call field and erroneously selected all log records ... and would proceed ...


Additional Editing Tools:

The following standard editing tools are available in the frame:


Ctrl+C will copy selected text into the clipboard.

Ctrl+V will insert text from the clipboard into the filed.

The F4 key will delete text in the field.


Field Tab Order:

Changing the tab order for the logging fields in the editor frame may be of interest. It can be controlled from context menu option Field Properties ( see above ). This will display the following control frame:

Figure 168:   Field Properties Control Frame

Figure 168:   Field Properties Control Frame



The tab order within the group boxes can be controlled by means of the arrows to the right side of the field list.





Ctrl+Shift+F2                         Show frame Editor

Ctrl+KDuplicate field content

Ctrl+ArrowDown                     Scroll the log downwards and view field contents

Ctrl+ArrowUpScroll the log upwards and view field contents

Ctrl+C                                     Copy selected text into the clipboard.

Ctrl+V                                     Insert text from the clipboard into the filed

F2Start/finish editing
F3Open the calendar assistant

F4                                           Delete text in the field

F9                                           On any date field enters today's date

INSERT                                   Standard keyboard command

DELETE                                   Standard keyboard command

BACKSPACE                           Standard keyboard command

HOME                                     Standard keyboard command

END                                         Standard keyboard command

ENTER                                     Standard keyboard command

ESC                                         Standard keyboard command

CURSOR RIGHT & LEFTfor navigating in the field
Shift+F2Flag QSO to send QSL via Bureau
Shift+F3Flag QSO to send QSL direct
Shift+F8Flag QSO sent QSL via OQSL
Shift+F4Mark QSL received
Shift+F5Mark QSL accepted
Shift+F6Set Stop time



LEFT KEY CLICKSelects/highlights field or log record line
SHIFT + LEFT KEYSelects range of log records
RIGHT KEY CLICKActivate popup menu



EditToggle enable/disable editing
HelpShow this Help topic

Next                                     Scroll the log downwards and view field contents

PreviousScroll the log upwards and view field contents
CancelCancel current operation
AcceptAccept and save changes
CloseClose open frame
Arrow Up/down/left/right


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