Logbook Search Operations

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Logbook Search Operations are the 'salt of the earth' in TurboLog 4. For ease of operation and in view of complexity we offer the following search operations:

Quick Search

Simple Filter

SQL Search Facilties


The Quick Search facility offers a very fast implementation of the most common and all day type queries applied to the logbook, such as for






Userkey, etc. ...


This facility is available from the Logging Window only.


The Simple Filter will allow for more complex queries, such as logical combination of contents in various logging fields. This facility is available for all database tables ( Logbook, Packet, , Personal Directories, ... etc. ).


SQL Search Facilities, finally, represent extremely powerful search tools. There is virtually nothing in the logbook which cannot be retrieved. This applies in particular for partial strings in any field, most complex combinations of fields in the same database table and paramount: Even recursive searches among fields across all available tables in TurboLog 4.


For the time being SQL queries can be applied to the  following databases:





All three search facilities are described in great details in the following paragraphs.


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