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Exchange_sent is a field of particular interest in contesting. This is where you can log the contest exchange which you have sent to your QSO counterpart. The exchange_sent may be a fixed string of characters or a QSO-number which needs to be incremented with each logging. TurboLog 4 assists you to the best possible in both applications. More information on how to customize  the loginput line for various contest modes is outlined in the chapter logging modes. The exchange_sent field does not belong to the QSO essentials. This results in no checking for data integrity while the QSO is logged.


Please note: 

In a contest with variable exchange TurboLog 4 cannot automatically generate the exchange number with leading zeros right from the beginning. Nevertheless, this may be desirable for RTTY contests. However, if you manually interact by adding leading zeros to the Exchange_sent field on the log input line for the first 3 QSOs it will then be done automatically for you for the rest of the contest. Reason for this inconvenience is the interference with the database since it will not easily accept leading zeros in number fields ( ... for obvious reasons ).


Like all other fields the exchange_sent field can be customized on the loginput line. All features described for customizing the loginput line apply for this field including the commands available and search operations ( keyword search, quick search) in particular.


With respect to the field properties the exchange_sent field is not equipped with a stack by default. Of course you can define an input stack .If defined the stack will pop up directly below the exchange_sent field on pressing Ctrl+Cursor+Down. If you want to load into the exchange_sent field you just select the line of interest by mouse or by pressing Cursor+Down. A left mouse key double click will enter the stack line into the exchange_sent field. Likewise you can press Enter for the same action. Both operations will not only load from the stack but also move the input focus to the field to the right of the exchange_sent field. This saves an additional keystroke.



See table in loginput line.



Every input field can be clicked: See loginput line.


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