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This is where you can log the locator given to you by your QSO counterpart. Locator is synonymous to gridsquare. Throughout TurboLog 4, however, we will only refer to the term "locator". The locator field does not belong to the QSO essentials. The entry must be in reference to the Maidenhead sytem which defines a format like "AB12CD". The entry undergoes special checks before a more precise bearing is derived from it in the country information frame. Less than 6 characters are accepted as valid input as long as the most significant characters on the left side of the string are not missing.


Like all other fields the locator field can be arranged on the loginput line in accordance with your personal needs. All features described for customizing the loginput line apply for this field including the commands available and search operations ( keyword search, quick search) in particular.


With respect to the field properties the locator field is not equipped with a stack by default. Of course you can define an input stack .If defined the stack will pop up directly below the locator field on pressing Ctrl+Cursor+Down. If you want to load into the locator field you just select the line of interest by mouse or by pressing Cursor+Down. A left mouse key double click will enter the stack line into the locator field. Likewise you can press Enter for the same action. Both operations will not only load from the stack but also move the input focus to the field to the right of the locator field. This saves an additional keystroke.


A nice feature that assists in logging is: You can select a call from a logrecord of the logbook window and put it into the Call field of the loginput line by drag & drop action or using the hotkey Ctrl+G. Along with the Call the Locator field will be filled with the content from its equivalent in the logrecord.



See table in loginput line.



Every input field can be clicked: See loginput line.


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