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This is where the QSL_sent_date could be entered. Since this is normally an offline operation from the review grid the QSL_sent_date field is another field which is of little interest to the user while in online operations. It is of interest in reports, exporting and on the review grid only. The field will automatically be filled if and when a QSO is flagged for QSL_sent status. The QSL_sent_date helps to keep an overview of the QSLing operations in terms of runtimes of various QSL-routes.


Of course this field could also be serviced during a contact. This is of interest if someone writes QSLs right away and would like to record the date it was issued. It might be even useful to set the field to a fixed date, etc... which is all within the range of the user.


Since the date routines are controlled by WINDOWS there is not much to do about the date format for this field. It is fixed by the system with respect to your country. Thus any date entered undergoes a data integrity check with respect to the format(s) WINDOWS will accept for your country. Please note: Windows offers a considerable choice of date formats. This topic is outlined in greater details in the Date section.


Like all other fields the QSL_sent_date field can be customized on the loginput line. All features described for customizing the loginput line apply for this field. We strongly recommend, however, that you remove this field from the active loginput line.


This field can be automatically updated on user's option while QSL operations are performed.


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