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Besides Printing from Grids TurboLog 4 als offers to print results of highly complex queries on logbook data and on data derived from or related to it. Unlike the data printed from grids Lists and Reports typically contain processed data, e.g. DXCC surveys, Keyword investigations and the like. Lists and Reports can either be started from separate menus or from an embedded position as for the DXCC reports. The rationale for this approach is that reports need to be constructed only once. Furthermore, the data is available at the location where normally the wish arises to process, list and print the data which is displayed on the screen as it is ... and right now.


For the time being the following Lists and Reports facilities are available in TurboLog 4:


DXCC Listings ,

DXCC Print Reports and DXCC Summary,

Logbook Listings,

First QSO Reports,

Keyword Reports,

Locator Listings,


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