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This topic summarizes the features which were added to TurboLog 4 during the continuous product improvement and update process.


( - denoting bug fixes; + denoting new features; all in timely order )



Version 4.18:       ( Build 53x, released  xx-Yyy-202x )


+ Update to Network Server NexusDB V4.5024; new installation procedure developed; HELP topic: Server Based Multi User Network Access

+ New hot key CTRL+ALT+C will directly access the Alarms & Messages tab sheet for editing

+ New hot key CTRL+S will directly open the Basic Properties tab sheet of the Configuration menu

+ New hot key CTRL+T will directly open the Transceiver tab sheet in order to allow fast alternating the CAT between TRX and JT-Modes

+ Packet Alarms facility extended for editing all entries, permanent display of alarms and particular activation for daily alarm intervals

+ New Keyword definition file provided for the Russian District Award ( RDA )



Version 4.17:       ( Build 529, released  30-Nov-2020 )


+ Great News: Real time logging into ClubLog's web interface; more...

+ New: Progressive Matching of Characters on Call field to Call book content if Show Info enabled

+ Power ON/OFF now provided via CAT-link ... if supported by your transceiver model, KENWOOD.

+ New: Turbolog4 WEB based HELP ( HELP & MANUAL ) now available at:

+ New: Turbolog4 WEB based German Quick Start HELP  now available at:

+ FTdx101 added to the list of transceivers

+ QSLAdmin database: New features added

+ Major new version Fast Report 6.5 implemented

+ Major new version Help&Manual implemented: New layouts provided

+ NexusDB: New Version implemented

+ While grabbing a Packet spot the content of its comment field can now be discarded, see Packet Commands.

+ ADIF import from LoTW adapted to new LoTW-report structure.

+ Packet Alarms facility now displays triggered status along with information provided for it in Comment field on Status Bar.

+ Ongoing Clublog Upload displayed in Status Bar Panel 2

+ New JT-Modes FST4 and FST4W added to the Bands&Modes Database.

+ TurboLog 4's web based broadcast News now also provides News history

- CAT-File for TS-990S corrected for new Mode Command ( OM )

- Output from query option in First QSO Listings corrected



Version 4.16:       ( Build 513, released  31-July-2019 )


- Corrected typos, e.g. in pop-up frame for REBUILD operation

- Post Event Logging: 'Keep Content' function for entry fields, e.g. RST_sent and RST_rcvd now fixed

+ Display of Packet Call Alarm in panel 2 of lower Status Line now also shows the alarmed Call

+ JT-Modes: Hash coded Calls which are bracketed,  e.g. <AA1AA> will now also be tested by highlighting routine

+ JT-Modes: Compatibility to the new FT4 Mode implemented: Log Data transfer and logging into TurboLog 4

+ JT-Modes: ADIF Ex- and Import of log data to LoTW extended

+ ADIF-Import: Skipped records are now stored in a file for fast and easy close inspection

+ QSL Admin: New Highlighting of entries which are overdue with respect to user specified time lapse

+ QSL Admin: A second entry for the same Call will now be created for a subsequent QSL submission

+ New SQL filter script List_EU-stns_Mode=FT8 extracts FT8-QSOs with EU stations from your logbook



Version 4.15:       ( Build 500, released  06-January-2019 )


+ IC7850 added to the list of transceivers

+ IC7851 added to the list of transceivers

- DXCC related highlighting corrected for some oddities

+ False highlighting in JT-box by: TNX, TU, 73, etc can now be suppressed. See: Setup > Devices > JT-Programs

+ New highlighting feature: LoTW User Activity: Please start with reading HELP Topic:LoTW Support - A Synopsis.

+ New WSJT-X V2.0x fully supported, contest features included. See updated HELP Topic on JT-Modes Interface

+ New JTDX V2.0x RC 115 fully supported. See updated HELP Topic on JT-Modes Interface



Version 4.14:       ( Build 490, released  01-November-2017 )


+ Interface to WSJT-X and JTDX: Direct logging into TurboLog 4 and DXCC related highlighting of all calls in the decoded messages - a great operational relief ( see paragraphs: JT Programs Interface and Support and its setup in JT Programs  ).




Version 4.13:       ( Build 476, released  29-June-2017 )


+ Country.dat amended for KH5K- Kingman Reef being Deleted by the ARRL as per 29-March-2016.

-  Bug fixed in Logbook Listings, Free SQL entry line.

+ Elecraft-K3: CAT file amended for 1 Stop bit ( instead of 2, which is Kenwood's CAT standard...); thanks Barry/VK2BJ

+ Changed: Toggling between transceivers: Now right mouse key click on panel in bottom Status Line

+ CAT-files: Sending to the TRX can now be configured by the command: SETMODEFREQORDER = FBM  {Default: Freq > Bandwidth > Mode}

+ New highlighter for DXpedition related string items in Comment fields of Packet spots (e.g.: Up, QSX,Split,)

+ Grabbing a spot (Ctrl+G or Drag&Drop) will now transfer its data into MultiMode input line as well; great help in RTTY-contesting

+ COUNTRY.DAT amended for Kure and Midway Islands which were deleted by the ARRL as published on 31-Mar-2017

+ COUNTRY.DAT re-amended after ARRL reverted decision on Kure and Midway Islands as published on 10-May-2017

+ New sophisticated and versatile database backup facility records log's backup history (see: Configuration>Log Setup>Basic Properties>Database)

+ Digital Contest Support: Minimum number of digits for Exchange_sent can now be customized in Configuration>Log Setup>Basic Properties>Inputline

+ Digital Contest Support: New variable Last_Exchange_sent available for use in script buttons, managed internally

+ Contest facility largely renovated ( see new HELP topic: Contesting in TurboLog4 )

+ New item under the HELP menu: Show latest News. presents important messages for the user community.



Version 4.12:       ( Build 449, released  20-March-2016 )


- Date administration amended for a potential bug/trap following specific operations in a database.

+ TurboLog 4 now registered for uploading ADIF log files to

+ Partial Call Search by using wildcards ( % and _ ) introduced and documented in HELP and Manual

+ Great improvement: Packet Band-Map implemented by new BandMaster plug-in

+ Country.dat revised for Russian Prefixes and ZL9 renaming

+ Basic Properties: Locator will be computed upon entry of Lat and Long coordinates

+ IOTA search Ctrl+H improved with respect to entering main and secondary prefixes

+ A second Ctrl+G command now also clears log input line

+ If QRZ.COM server is down and timeout occurs: Link can now be reset from the QRZ.COM setup tab sheet.

+ A Call in a Packet spots can now be highlighted if it has been worked in TurboLog 4 before.

+ Great news for DXCC slot hunters: The DXCC Indicator Field is now extended for DXCC slot analysis.

+ Further great news: The DXCC Indicator Field can now be highlighted for high priority DXCC relevant Packet spots.

+ Highly useful: QSL book keeping is extended. Entries in Logbook automatically create/update records in Administrating Mailed QSL database

+ New: Split Control button in the Logging Information frame assures you the fastest move from transceive mode into split operation.

+ IC9100 and TS590 now available as transceivers on the CAT menu, thanks Barry/VK2BJ



Version 4.11:       ( Build 430, released  15-Apr-2015 )


-  PacketSpots database can now be Packed & Rebuilt in a separate menu item

-  Switching between MultiMode devices from the Device panel on the Status bar now fail safe  

-  Keyword Listings: Certain search parameters caused summary line being counted as an entry

-  Keyword Listings: Sums in rows and/or columns are now corrected

-  Keyword Listings > Award Application: Under certain conditions false Calls were found

-  Editing CALLS.DAT is now thread-safe

-  ADIF export improved with respect to local date formats

+ IOTA data bases amended for the 12 new groups announced on 05-July-2014

+ HELP now includes description of: How to register MMVARI in Win-7 and 8?

+ New: TurboLog User Forum established on 21-Sept-2014 at:

+ New: US-State digrams from QRZ.COM now available as input to USERKEY-field and on QRZ info line

+ ADIF import from LoTW now tolerant for Call extensions preventing mismatches and skipped records

+ New: Comment field highlighted on match with user defined search strings; great for IOTA Keywords and other items of interest. See Setup>Packet

+ Demo version: An unlimited number of QSOs is now allowed to be imported. However, logging is still limited to 200 entries

+ Number of available COM-ports now extended to 36

+ New: Break-in from the keyboard is now available for all digital modes and devices. See online HELP on how to use it

+ New: Editing all fields of a log record in a separate frame. Nice editing features implemented. Try: Ctrl+Shift+F2

+ New: FOC member lists for Personal Directories and Keyword facility provided

+ DOK: Keyword file DOK.UID updated; thanks DL1BKX

+ New: A Statistics tab sheet is now available from the multi purpose window at the bottom of the main logging page

+ Sample number of  SQL filters largely extended

+ New: Antenna Rotor Control based on EA4TX's interface box implemented; see special HELP topics for Setup and use; great fun indeed!

+ Number of selected records is now displayed in Status Bar panel 2

+ Country.dat: Multi country assignments CE0 and PY0: After they applied steady rules of use now resolved into distinct countries



Version 4.10:       ( Build 409, released  01-Feb-2014 )


+ Kenwood's top transceiver TS990 added to the list

+ TurboLog4 now allows working with 2 transceivers (or more) and to rapidly switch between them

+ New: DXCC Online Application supported from the Logbook Listings window

+ General ADIF Export now available in the Logbook Listings window

+ TurboLog4 now equipped with future proof E-mail client, providing SSL/TSL secure communication

-  Control logic for voice alerts overhauled

- DXCC-Listings: Menu item "QSL Received - Not Accepted" fixed

- DXCC-Listings: Menu item "QSL Not Received" fixed

+ CAT Frequency Polling now works independent from focus and cursor position

+ LoTW export and upload extended as to keep track with TQSL version 2.0 and future developments

+ Menu system revised for better conspicuousness and access of TL4's hidden goodies

+ Solutions investigated for running digital modes on modern PCs without classical soundblaster derivatives onboard

+ Pop-up menu (right mouse key click) over the log input line largely extended to remind of user's choices

+ New:  Keyword file RDA.UID provided for the Russian Districts Award, thanks DL1BKX

+ New:  Keyword file URDA.UID provided for the Ukrainian Districts Award, thanks DL1BKX

+ Great news: Query LoTW under the File menu now provides comfortable QSL downloads from LoTW database

+ New: SOTA.UID keyword file provided; currently 63.252(!) entries; please use: SO-... as keyword designator

-  ADIF export amended for date formats without leading zero on single character days or months

+ MMVARI implemented as another digital multi-mode device; read topic on 'Soundcard based MMVARI'


Post Release Activities, still version 4.10, Build 411 (15-Feb-2014)


- Problem fixed with empty ("Null") Date fields in ADIF export




Version 4.09:       ( Build 390, released  01-May-2013 )


+ All TurboLog4 Services and Products can now ( preferably ) be ordered via PayPal ( starting 17-June-2012 )

+ Filter/SQL-scripts can now be applied immediately by double-left-clicking the selected script

+ DOK.UID updated; thanks Rainer/DL1BKX

+ Country.dat amended for ZK2/Niue Island: Prefix block E6 added

+ Country.dat: Kosovo added as new Non-DXCC entity, Prefix block Z6 added

+ Build 364 provided with fix for QRZ.COM connect string which they changed without prior notice ( 30-Sep-2012)

+ Keyword Listings: Keyword file last used will be remembered for next use (B 370)

+ Call Alarms, CW output: Alarm string now with call plus Band ( Notation in setup: CALL ALARM # # ) (B 370)

+ Digi-modes: New string variable {daytime} available for use in scripts. ( GN= 00-06z, GM=06-12z, GA=12-18z, GE=18-24z ) (B 370)

- Country select box in Listings: Bug fixed in country status selected for search ( Deleted/Non-DXCC/Current ) (B 370)

- First Listings with CQ/ITU Zones: Output corrected for Call Area assignments (B 370)

+ Packet screen will now remember its last position on desktop with new start-up (B 370)

+ "Deselect All" button added to LoTW export, field select box (B 370)

+ Keyword Listings: Search item QSL 'Sent and not received' now finds the missing only (B371)

+ All List-Boxes overhauled and replaced by a new software component

+ CAT: ICOM's transceiver IC7600 added to the list of devices; thanks Börje/SM5JE for providing documentation

+ New packet SQL filter strings: 1. Find CW spots only and 2. Find Phone spots only ... both based on spot frequency

+ All reports and listings completely overhauled while updating to FastReport version 4.13   (B375)

+ Call alarms now will be deleted in the bottom logbook status panel and in the alarms & messages window in one action (B377)

+ LoTW Email support: You are now prompted by the message "Mail sent successfully" after Email left your PC (B378)

+ New OQSL support for administrating log records; see manual topic: Logbook & Log Review Window > OQSL Support (B379)

+ NexusDB database upgraded to version 3 (B380)

+ New keyword file Lighthouse.UID provided; 16048(!) entities worldwide; thanks Rainer/DL1BKX for editing (B383)

+ Completely new Help system ( Compiled HTML Module = CHM format) implemented (B384)

+ New: Band Slot Table added as the most compacted view of your DXCC database (see topic: DXCC Band Slot Table)  (B387)



Version 4.08:       ( Build 361, released  31-Mar-2012 )


- Bug fixed in Email alerts; CC input field for second mail destination was out of order

+ Time formats for display and export 'decoupled' from settings in Windows, i.e. 12h/24h defaults in Windows 7

- Logging fields are cleared before filling by grab or drag&drop action from log or packet screen; thanks Don/G3ZKN

- ADIF import: Old bug swapped RST_rcvd and RST_sent; thanks Ken/GM0AXY

- Packet E-mail alerts: Change on check box in Setup did not trigger Apply button

+ Help & Manual completely overhauled and prepared for web-based HTML-Help, *.chm and PDF as to date

- Changes in Bands&Modes table now effects DXCC items instantly all over TurboLog 4

+ Band and Mode entries in the logbook now work independent from type case

+ Cross Bearing facility for localizing radio emitters added ( Ctrl+B )

+ BPSK facility largely overhauled and extended for split operation under mouse key control

+ German quick start help completed (PDF, CHM and WebHelp formats)

+ Country Information frame: Daylight indicated by yellow background on sunset/sunrise fields

+ Pruning packet spots table: Besides already existing methods now bulk pruning from packet menu button

+ MultiMode script buttons can now be edited 'on the fly' with MultiMode window open/operational

+ COUNTRX.DAT amended for MVI ( now Deleted ) and new prefix for South Sudan ( Z8A-Z8Z )

+ TurboLog 4 now bilingual: User can choose between English and German menu system


Post Release Activities, still version 4.08, Build 362


+ Country.dat amended for prefixes of Glorioso/Tromelin/Juan-de-Nova & Europa now being FT5Gx/FT5Tx/FT5Jx, respectively

+ New update of DOK.UID keyword file; thanks Rainer/DL1BKX

- Typo corrected in header of ADIF-export file

- Another hidden problem in Date formats prevented LoTW re-import from correctly updating the logbook file; thanks Tony/G4VMX


Post Release Activities, still version 4.08, Build 363


- Bug fixed which affected manual Date entry in 'QSL_sent_date' and 'QSL_rcvd_date' fields on log input line; thanks Rainer/DL1BKX


Post Release Activities, still version 4.08, Build 364 (24-Apr-2012)


- Bug fixed in Logbook Listings: The Go button on the menu line was overwritten; thanks Tony/G4VMX



Version 4.07:       ( Build 340, released  01-July-2011 )


+ Great News: Multi User Network Access Mode now available in TurboLog 4

+ Great News: Automated LoTW Support implemented; LoTW submission in just one export run

+ YAESU's FTdx5000 transceivers added to the list of DEVICES; thanks Morris/G3TRV

+ Country database amended for Deleted Status of Netherlands Antilles and St.Marten; Pseudo prefixes: NANT, NASM resp. introduced

+ Country database amended for 4 new countries: Curacao(PJ2,#402), Bonaire(PJ4,#403), Saba and St. Eustatius(PJ5/6,#405), Sint Maarten(PJ7,#404)

+ Country database amended for numerous new prefixes and country assignments in Russia

+ IOTA database amended for Curacao as SA-099

+ ADIF reference table updated for deleted and new countries

+ New version of the XDBGRID tool package (Vers.:4.0x) installed for the display of the numerous database grids

+ Behavior of cursor for cut operations in the RX window of the MultiMode displays optimized; cursor is now back on the log input line in order to    save time and keystrokes for the next action

+ Multiple logs: Good news for QSL managers. All logs and data tables now appear for selection and can be backed up in one step

+ QRZ.COM: MICROSOFT Loopback Adapter as means to overcome link timeout problems ( see: In case of problems )

-  DXCC Award operations were hampered by out of date SQL string. Problem now fixed

+ ADIF-export: Control strings for program identification and program version included in file header

+ Report specific printer control now available ( see QSL Label Designer for details )


Post Release Activities, still version 4.07, Build 341


-  Changing the backup path did not work properly for those who often change it. Bug is fixed in Build 341.

+ COUNTRY.DAT and ADIF.INI amended for South Sudan as new DXCC entity (as of 14-July-2011)



Version 4.06:       ( Build 322, released  15-Sept-2010 )


+ Two new transceivers added to the list: ICOM's IC7700 and TenTec's ORION-2 now readily available

+  Keyword file for Canadian provinces ( format P-xy) added to the list; thanks Tom / G0PSE for editing work

+  Keyword file for UK counties ( format G-xy) added to the list; thanks Eugene / G4AIU for editing work

+  E-Mail messaging facility implemented in order to forward DXCC correlated/filtered Packet spots to predefined accounts

+  Your specified MultiMode devices can now be selected on the run from the MultiMode control frame

-  Grid bookmark exception: " Grid out of range..." which randomly occurred is finally cured

+  QRZ.COM web based online database now fully integrated into TurboLog 4

+  Keyword file for ITU zones ( format I-xy) added to the list

+  Country.dat amended for new prefixes for Russia  (R7) and Kaliningrad (UA2-UI2); thanks Bren/G4DYO for advice

+ Transverter operation now fully implemented

+  Dupe checking in contest modes now right after Cursor+Down from Call field; thanks Arto/OH2KW



Version 4.05:     ( Build 311, released  21-Dec-2009 )


+ Additional prefixes for Scotland ( GA, MA ) and Portugal included in COUNTRY.DAT; ( thanks G3TXF )

+ FastReport suite updated to version 4.7.156

+ The NEXUS database suite was updated to version 2.0803

+ SQL scripts can now be im- and exported along with comment information

+ Restore Grid ( Ctrl+Alt+Z ) allows QSO-grid to be restored after a SQL filter may have modified it

+ The sound card based MMTTY RTTY-engine fully integrated into <%PRODUCTNAME%'s> MultiMode facility as another digital device

+ The ADIF cross reference table is updated for new country numbers

+ Specific help hooks for sound card based modes implemented ( specific help topic available on pressing F1 )

- Cursor+Down from call field of MultiMode input line would not trigger DXCC analysis popup when call was extracted by mouse from RX-window

+  Status of prefix OR changed to standard Belgium; removed from the list of prefixes for Antarctica



Version 4.04:      ( Build 302, released  01-April-2009 )


-  Bug fixed for behavior in case of negative country numbers, i.e. -1

-  All QSOs from countries with call areas will now be found correctly by the Quick Search ( Ctrl+F ) Facility; ( thanks G3TXF )

+ Sound card based PSK31 operation now fully integrated into MultiMode and logging facilities

+ Prefixes in COUNTRY.DAT updated for AO8*, R2**, CQ9*; ( thanks G3TXF )

+ MultiMode setup: New and faster setup philosophy implemented; i.e. switching between devices improved


Post Release Activities, still version 4.04, Build 303


-  Loop hole fixed which caused logging comments as valid QSOs... depending on sequence of legacy entries

-  Exception fixed which occurred after editing Bands&Modes table

+ Bands&Modes table updated for the new band plan as agreed by the IARU Region 1 meeting; (effective by 29-Mar-2009)


Post Release Activities, still version 4.04, Build 304


-  Bug fixed that lurked in the import of call.NX1 log files and subsequent merging into the existing log (duplicate "Unique ID" numbers)

+ Repair facility in case of duplicate "Unique ID" numbers added under the Database Maintenance menu


Post Release Activities, still version 4.04, Build 305


+  Prompt on program exit included; dialogue can be customized by the user in Log Setup Basic Properties

-  Nasty bug fixed which replaced real frequency logged by centerfreq of band when QSO was edited

+  Language resources now include German, English and French; hopefully no more language mix in dialogues

+  New prefixes in COUNTRY.DAT for Portugal and its dependencies  



Version 4.03:       ( Build 289, released  01-Aug-2008 )


+  Import/merging of distinct TurboLog4 logbooks facilitated ( *.NX1 files )

+  All print, label and report operations upgraded to FastReport 4.6

+  NexusDB upgraded to version 2.07

-  Log files starting by a number e.g. 7Q7xx, etc. could have created trouble on importing and SQL searches

+ User now has full control on automatic assignments of logging modes to log input line formats

+ Assignments as fore standing can be controlled individually on main and multi mode window

+ Grid column of sort order now colored for ease of reminding the user  

+ DXCC Award Credit Report .... similar to the one provided by the ARRL... added to the DXCC Operations

+  Keyword based award applications (IOTA, WAZ, WAS, DOK,...) now implemented under Keyword Listings

+  New database ( QSL_Admin ) for the administration of mailed QSLs available from the Edit menu


Post Release Activities, still version 4.03, Build 290


-  Bug fixed in the print facility for DXCC Listings

+ ADIF import from LOTW adapted to additional data eventually provided by ARRL ( Gridsquare, Zones, etc. )



Version 4.02:       ( Build 275, released  15-Dec-2007 )


+  Direct import facility for logbooks based on dBase or exports of this format from MS-ACCESS, e.g. StationMaster etc.

+  Captions of the fields in data grids ( i.e. Logbook ) can now be customized

-  Bug in input field for coordinates of the user's QTH  fixed

-  Date corrected for QSOs around UTC-midnight

+  Additional fields will be copied into log input line when log record is grabbed or dragged from the review grid

-  Bug in editing Packet call alarms fixed

+  Label Factory frame equipped with Zoom feature on the preview window

+  Label Factory frame equipped with delete button  for removing label definitions from the combo box

+  Print facilities upgraded to FastReport version 4.x

+  More IOTA support: IOTA Status Display implemented, pressing Ctrl+H pops up comprehensive info on prefix entry

+  IOTA Status also displayed in status bar, panel 6; as additional output on Ctrl+I keyword search

+  Trace Window now equipped with context menu for extended tracing and remote diagnosis

+  IC756PRO3D CAT file, another version added; thanks Duncan/G4ZOY

+  Better guide in data grids by means of striped patterns

+  DXCC Application implemented in the Logbook Listings window

+  Bulk Update DXCC Accepted procedure provided under the Execute menu of the Logbook Listings

+  Country.dat amended for new prefixes for Bosnia-Herzegowina ( E7 ) and the Cook Islands ( E5 )

+  All annotations in buttons, frames, etc. now available from language resource file, e.g. ENGLISH.RS; open for others...


Post Release Activities, still version 4.02, Build 276-278


-  Installation script amended for multiple TurboLog icons on the desktop

-  Fix supplied for EDIT in IOTA and CLUSTERSITES Setup

+  Preventions included if IOTA.NX1 was not imported or erroneously deleted by user

-  Dupe checker amended for bug in underlying SQL query

-  "Previous QSOs Search Mode" facility amended for bug in underlying SQL query

+  Information on licence key duration ... up to version ... added to the ABOUT item under the HELP menu

+  SQL remote diagnosis file SQLFailure.SQL records more data for failure analysis

+  Country.dat updated for new DXCC entity FJ = St. Barthelemy

-  Bug corrected in DXCC-Summary display; bug affected Country_Status DXCC only



Version 4.01:     ( Build 245, released 10-Dec-2006 )


-   Multi QSO label templates: RST_rcvd ( in error! ) replaced by RST_sent. ( Download LABELS.ZIP provided )

-   DXCC Listings: Displayed results now independent from BAND selection for display

-   ADIF import accelerated  and ruggedized for certain date formats  ( Build 225, uploaded 23.4.2006 )

+  Sending Packet mail via the message box ( Ctrl+Alt+M ) extended to cope with internet clusters (Build 226)

+  Bulk logbook update by data file returned from LoTW  (Build 228)

+  New Keyword file for German DOKs including special DOKs compiled and provided ( thanks DL1BKX )

-  Bug #0003 fixed: SQL query for country search in all Listings implemented as "..LIKE.." (tolerant matching )

+  Revised COUNTRY.DAT including Montenegro as new DXCC entity as of 28.June 2006

+  Revised COUNTRY.DAT including Swain's Island as new DXCC entity as of 24.July 2006

+  Updated version of ADIFDATA.INI provided including the new DXCC entities ( uploaded to website )

+  New CAT: FT847 included; just a new external CAT file required

+  Keyword file IOTA.UID updated according to full list of additions ( 40th Anniversary Edition, 01-July-2006  )

+  New CAT: ORION-2 from Tentec; thanks to John/G3RCG; it required extensions to the whole CAT facility...

+  New keyword file for tracking DIG members included, thanks to Rainer/DL1BKX

+  Backup/Rebuild facilities greatly extended (Auto Backup, Timer based backup, etc. )

+  Auto Mode Threshold introduced in order to omit RST-reset after small tuning steps; suggested: VK2BJ

+  New CAT: FT2000 included to the menu

+  New Configuration Item: The DEVICES sub item now hosts the complete setup for the MultiMode Facility

+  Keyword Facility: "Wkd and NoQSL" redefined to: "Wkd and NoQSL and my QSL_sent".

+  New: The MultiMode Facility dealing with digital modes on external devices implemented and fully integrated

+  New: WinKey-(K1EL)-CW-keyer integrated into the MultiMode Facility


Post Release Activities, still version 4.01:


+  Build 246: Setup corrected as to now update the TL4Data subdirectory ( uploaded: 11-Dec-2006 )

+  New in Build 247: MultiMode Command Buttons can be assigned to hotkeys ( F2...F12, CTRL+F2..., etc. )

-   Build 248: Search for LoTW confirmed log records enabled in reports and QSL printing facilities

+  Build 249: Print dialogue straightened; K1EL-CW operation extended: SETFOCUS implemented


Version 4.01:       ( Build 263, released  01-July-2007 )


-  Contest dupe check facility amended

-  Occasional access violations occurring while deleting records on data grids cured ( bookmark problem )

+ Multi user operation facility established

+ Shift+F6 hotkey provided for setting Stop time in QSO net operations

-  DXCC Listings: Bottom summary line was included in the count

-  Contest logging mode: When the MultiMode window was entered the input line would eventually be corrupted

+ New NEXUS database version 2.xx fully integrated in TurboLog ... a real big effort!

+ Log data grid re engineered; hidden SQL filters implemented

-  Bug fixed in "Mark QSL received" and similar dialogue boxes. No action now by closing the box by the [X]

+ Timeout setting introduced for exhausting SQL queries ( in Configuration ---> Database )

+ Multi User Operation: Set user or station specific operation ( in Configuration ---> General )

+ Country database amended for final prefixes of ex-Yugoslavian states YU+YT, T9, Z3, 4O

+ Separate USERKEY table became obsolete due to SQL implementation in NexusDB V2.0

+ New CAT-file for the FT-847 added to the list of transceivers. Thanks to Eugene/G4AIU

+ New CAT-file for the TS-480 added to the list of transceivers. Thanks to Thomas/DL7AV

-  DXCC-Listings: Highlight bar now remains on country of interest if search scope is changed

-  QSO start time is now reset after a packet spot was grabbed by Ctrl+G action

+ New CAT-file for the FT-897 added to the list of transceivers

+ New CAT-file for the IC-736 added to the list of transceivers


Post Release Activities, still version 4.01, Build 263-266


-  Updated installation script uploaded on 8.July 2007 at 9:40z; ( Keyer's xxx.MMD and yyy.BDF files were overwritten )

-  DXCC settings in the CONFIGURATION menu were not saved correctly when changes were applied (B264)

-  German shortcuts crept in unintentionally; wrong language resources were loaded

-  Bug in the CONFIGURATION--->PACKET--->ALARMS menu fixed; Edit, Delete, Add buttons did not work

+  CoolLists now case insensitive for correct field notations, such as "6M" instead of "6m"

-  Bug in SQL operations on the DXCC database corrected

-  Updated release version Build264 uploaded to website on 22-Jul-2007

-  SQL scripts for QSL operations fixed, Build 265

-  Editing in SQL grids now more rugged in order to perform correctly even under weird clicking operations

-  Logging Information frame will be updated while scrolling in SQL filtered grids ( Build 266 )


Version 4.00:       ( Build 210, released 18-Nov-2005 )


-   Divide by zero in QSL Label Factory fixed ( international decimal separator "." or "," in Windows )

+  Save Desktop properties

+  Minimum dimensions in QSL Label Factory limited to 1 milli meter

+  Personal Directories implemented              

+  Personal Directories import from TL3

+  Personal Directories information line on main logging screen

+  Personal Directories maintenance facility

-   Personal Directories delete entries fixed

-   Personal Directories Help button fixed


+ TurboLog ordering via Share-IT internet service   ( introduced: 3-Jan-2006 )


+  DXCC Listings with column sums

+  Build 216, released 11-Jan-2006 

+  For "New this Period"  default set to "Any" in the "QSL Status" menu

+  Help & Manual: New index keywords, captions introduced, Date Formats elaborated

-   Various bugs fixed in DXCC Listings as reported by Ivan/G4BGW ( Thanks! )

+  IOTA Keyword files updated

+  CLUSTERS.NX1 updated

+  New CAT: IC-7000

+  New CAT: IC-706B

+  ICOM.GEN updated and extended for new ICOM features

-   Bug # 0001 fixed: Sort order within minute ( Thanks: VK2BJ )

+  ADIF import improved for ruggedness (Thanks: G3TXF )

-   Bug # 0002 fixed: Dupe check facility in "Contest Logging" ( Thanks: VK2BJ )

+  "No_QSLer" added to "QSL Status" menu in "Logbook Listings"

+  Creating Personal Directory for "No_QSLer" described in Help & Manual, in topic "Logbook Listings"

+ Personal Directories import extended to import of "comma separated variables" /CSV

+  New CAT: FTdx9000d

+  New CAT: IC-765PRO3

+  Multi QSO Label Facility designed, implemented tested ( ...what a teaser! )

+  Multi QSO Label Facility extended by " Minimum QSOs per Label" feature

+  "QSL Status" and "QSL via" items in all QSL Operations aligned in order to prevent conflicts

+  Build 224, released 05-Apr-2006

+  Build 225, released 22-Apr-2006


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